Have you reached that age yet where you start talking about how awesome your childhood was compared to kids these days? I have. You can't convince me that video games are cooler than building your own BMX dirt track in the public lot behind K-Mart. We did that. It was awesome. That doesn't mean todays kids aren't having awesome childhoods, I think my nephews never really rode bikes around the neighborhood, they had four-wheelers and motorcycles. Now that the oldest is 14, grandma just tosses him the keys to her Denali and says "Don't drive on any major roads." I guess that's a perk of small town life.

I'm already off track with this whole thing... the point being, there's a bar in OKC that features a legit vintage arcade for those of us that remember arcades to rekindle a little nostalgia. You can't tell me you wouldn't want to, some of the biggest selling gifts the last few years has been scaled down arcade games like Pac-Man, Golden Tee, Nintendo Classic, SuperNES Classic, etc... We old dudes in our 30's are at that age to rediscover the coolness from our past, and nothing says nostalgia quite like a legit arcade, that happens to also sell booze.

It's called Up Down and it's in OKC. As much as you'd expect this place to be in touristy Bricktown, it's not. It's near, but not in Bricktown. It's a locals kind of bar. Or is it an arcade? Why can't it be both? They sell rave reviewed 80's style pizza and other eats, have a pet friendly patio, and over 70 vintage arcade games that all take a quarter to play. It's like a Dave & Busters if D&B didn't fizzle out in a wash of Karen's, Chad's and Kyle's. As far as I can tell, it's somewhere between a local business and a franchise business. There are several across the US, but it's not a big thing... yet. Regardless, it might be worth a day trip to see what's up. Who knows, being a franchise idea, it might be something worth investing into here in Lawton.

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