What do you think? Doesn't look to appealing to me.

I kinda miss the cafeteria food from elementary school. I don't know about you, but my food was actually good. I would clear that tray in a minute and I really genuinely miss those little cartons of milk. Sadly, I can't get those meals anymore and it looks like I don't want to eat what your kids are right now.

At least not up in Edmond, Oklahoma. A parent shared a photo she got from her daughter of her lunch on Tuesday. If you take the Doritos out of that photo, you could literally throw that into a diaper. It looks literally like a baby had a bad morning. So what is this lovely substance, why that is the delicious chili con queso. Several parents were wondering what the hell their kids were eating this week and the school district released the following statement.

"The Chili Con Queso entree served at Central Middle School on November 2 did not turn out as planned. The sauce, containing meat and cheese, was darker than normal, which was likely the result of too much seasoning. Because the round tortilla chips normally used in the entree were shorted on delivery, Doritos were substituted. While this recipe has been a popular item at our schools for several years, the EPS test kitchen will evaluate the recipe and cook/hold procedures to confirm and make changes as needed. The other available items, which are not shown in the picture, included: Side of Shredded Lettuce & Tomatoes, Refried Beans, Fruit Choices (Oranges or Grapes), Milk"

Well, best of luck to you kids at lunch out there. I remember some good meals back in the day and I don't remember anything close to this monstrosity.

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