I'm a little fuzzy on what year I first noticed Oklahoma's State Fair food announcements, but I do remember what the big draw was... Chocolate covered bacon. It was so alien sounding yet ostentatious in the allure of deliciousness. Covering a savory and salty piece of bacon with cold-hardened milk chocolate doesn't sound very appetizing at first, but it somehow works. Though I will say, the dark chocolate bacon booth was twice as good and as popular.

Another year someone came up with deep fried beer. I still have no idea how they make it work but I was game to try it out. It tasted like hot beer and batter. Not in the same way drizzling cold beer over some Long John Silver's crunchies would be, it was just not very good.

Other years it was mostly deep fried something or other... Oreo's, Twinkies, bananas of all things. Like who wants to eat an unhealthy health food? At least we always get the same fair staples you can expect like frozen lemonade cups, funnel cakes and foot long corn dogs, but this year it's going to follow that classic trend once again of trying a new food.

Of all the new fair foods this year, and believe me, there's a whole list of them... the few that stand out are the follows.

Deep Fried Cookie Dough Sundae:
It's both hot and cold, sweet and savory, deep fried cookie dough meshed with homemade vanilla ice cream.

Gelato Nachos:
Ice cream nachos sounds like a weird thing, but if Taco Bell can nacho fries, I don't see why this wouldn't be pretty delicious. The nacho chips are pieces of waffle cone topped with gelato and whatever other toppings you choose.

Elk Sausage Corn Dog:
I don't care if I've said it a million times before, elk is the most delicious meat in the world. Now they want to skewer it, dip it in batter and fry it? I'd stand in line to try that meal.

Deep Fried Spaghetti & Meatballs:
I've tried wrapping my head around this and I cannot for the life of me figure out how it all ties together. Even seeing the dish from earlier fairs across the states on YouTube, it doesn't make any sense at all, but people seem to really enjoy it.

The Wonder Boy:
While the name is super nondescript, here's another take on the classic corn dog, but instead of a cheap hot dog and corn meal, it's a gourmet fat wiener cocooned in Cap'n Crunch.

Bug Pizza:
This one is exactly what it sounds like... A personal pizza you get to top with scorpions, crickets, and meal worms. Good luck.

Ghost Pepper Tater Tots:
If you're a glutton for punishment and willing to risk your GI tract for the sake of saying you did it, one vendor is mixing ghost peppers into the tots and serving them up with your choice of dipping sauce.

The rest of the foodie list of weird and unconventional foods is pretty much everything you've come to expect from years past. The bacon dishes, candy coated everything, funnel cakes and fries... If you do decide to go, be sure to let us know what you had and how good it happened to be. The Oklahoma State Fair is at the OK State Fair Grounds, 10th Street and I-44... If you've never been, just stay on the turnpike until you smell it. The exit is just North of I-40. The fair will run for its normally schedules ten days September 16th through the 26th.

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