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I just realized trying to explain this story to a six-year-old would probably confuse them. Yes, kids we used to have to go to a store to rent our favorite movies or shows. Here's the worst part, you had to rewind those rentals before you took them back to the store. If you didn't, they would charge you. Looks like a woman failed to return a tape back in 1999 and is now facing a charge of felony embezzlement of a property.

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The charges were filed in 2000, but she didn't find this out until recently when she went to go change her name after getting married. So what tape did this woman fail to return? Sabrina the Teenage Witch, starring Melissa Joan Hart. Yes, the TV sitcom from the 90s. Caron McBride doesn't even remember renting this, but she thinks the guy she was seeing at the time did.


He had two daughters and he probably rented the show on her account for the kids. This was rented at Movie Place in Norman, Oklahoma. Sadly, Movie Place is no longer in business. Maybe the fabric of their business was being held together by getting the late fees for this missing tape. Here's what's crazy, if a case where to be brought up, their is no victim since the business is no longer open. However, Cleveland County could still prosecute the case because charges and a warrant was filed against McBride.

The Cleveland County District Attorney's Office says they plan to dismiss the charges. However, McBride will need to get her case expunged in order to clear her record moving forward. So hopefully you remembered to return all your tapes or DVDs back in the day.

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