Hilarious! You gotta see this, Pete Holmes of the "Pete Holmes Show" on TBS tires to play some D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). He doesn't quite grasp the concept of RPG's (role playing games) but really gets into the whole open ended, do whatever you want aspect of it. If you've ever played the game you know it's difficult to explain to new players exactly what it's all about, or how to play. Once a person realizes they can say and do what they wish it can implode, quickly.

I couldn't even tell you the hours and hours I spent playing D&D as a kid and even today when time allows. Yes sadly I'm a RPG geek, luckily for me I'm married and this admission will in no way negatively impact my changes of getting laid. Or will it? Honey, if you're reading this I really don't play D&D!

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