WARNING: If you're a little bit squeamish, or are easily grossed out and disturbed by real or fake graphic images you might want to re-think hitting the play button on this video. You won't be able to un-see what you've seen. It's definitely NSFW, there's blood, gore and strong language. In the video a tailgater is taught a lesson and this road rage incident ends up costing one of the drivers their life. Just so we're clear on all this, you've been warned.

So if you didn't heed the warning and already hit play on the video above, you know it's all a BIG JOKE! I thought it was pretty funny and I loved the knife to the head and all the fake blood. I give it four out of five stars for sure. These two are hilarious and their YouTube channel Small, But Big has a great collection of really funny original videos.

Even though this is all a joke it does make a good point. You never really know what's going on in the car behind, or in front of you. There could be a really good reason why someone is driving fast, slow or aggressively. Most people don't wake up and decide to ruin your day during the commute. That's not to say the world doesn't have bad drivers or angry drivers. But not every little infraction on the road should lead to full blown road rage.

I think I'll try this the next time I get upset at another driver. I'll think of this video and act as if there's some knife in the head emergency happening and that's why they're driving the way the are. If anything else I'll get a laugh out of it.

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