A new list of the rudest nations has been compiled and thankfully, America isn’t number one.

Skyscanner.com conducted a survey of travelers to determine which is the least friendly. No surprise, France topped them all.

The legendary French attitude helped earn the country more than one-fifth of the votes. Russia finished second, followed by Great Britain and Germany. On the other side of the spectrum, Brazil, the Caribbean and the Philippines were voted the least rude nations.

More than 1,200 people from around the world took part in the survey, although it may have some slight bias since more than 60 percent of the participants were British and there has been a longstanding rivalry between the United Kingdom and France. Interestingly, the Brits also voted themselves as “world’s worst tourists” in another survey.

Of course, here’s the news you really care about: America was seventh. Chant along with us: We’re number seven! We’re number seven!

Here’s a look at the 10 rudest nations, along with the percentage of the vote each country received:

1. France – 19.29 percent

2. Russia – 16.56 percent

3. Great Britain – 10.43 percent

4. Germany – 9.93 percent

5. Other – 6.37 percent

6. China – 4.3 percent

7. America – 3.39 percent

8. Spain – 3.15 percent

9. Italy – 2.24 percent

10. Poland – 2.24 percent

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