This lady had a really close call with a buffalo. Now before you try to engage me in the whole buffalo vs. bison debate know this, I don't care. They might be bison technically but most of us call them buffalo so deal with it. Any way the woman in the video is charged by a buffalo and she trips trying to run away from it. So she played dead and it actually worked the buffalo lost interest and eventually walked away. She got lucky, real lucky!

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times." Real wildlife is nothing like Walt Disney films." People get it in their heads that these wild animals won't attack, bite or maul them. Even worse, the cuter an animal is the more they believe it. They say to themselves "Look at it, so cute it wouldn't hurt me." Are you kidding? It's a wild animal not some domesticated cat or dog. All wildlife are capable of attacking a human, even when unprovoked. Respect these animals and keep your distance if you want to avoid being injured or killed.

Every year it seems someone is gored, trampled or kicked by a buffalo out at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. This despite warnings and a plethora of animal attack videos online, you think people would know better. Now more often than not it's some poor tourist from out of state or country who places themselves on the victim roster. They just can't help themselves, they want a better picture so they get too close or want to pet a buffalo. Well sometimes they get away with it, but a lot of times they don't and end up getting torn up. So be careful and always keep your distance. If not there's a good chance I'll see you on video and I hate to say it I'll be laughing at you for being an idiot.

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