If the U.S. Coast Guard was looking for a new recruitment video, this is it! Over the weekend a video went viral showing a shark being shot at as it was circling several crew members who were swimming in the open ocean. About 40 people were in the water when the shark showed up, luckily they always have someone who keeps an eye out for sharks and other dangers. Once the shark was spotted they started shooting into the water to attempt to keep it away from the swimmers until they could all make it back to the boat.

I'm not sure how you get the job of look out or shark shooter, but I'm definitely interested. I'm thinking this would be the perfect job for me, maybe after I retire from radio I'll enlist and hit the open seas, gun in hand. Now before anyone gets upset the shark wasn't hit by any of the bullets. It swam off, rejoined it's shark brothers and they decided to look for a meal elsewhere. The shooter wasn't trying to kill the animal, just scare it off and try to keep it away from his crew members until they all made it safely to the boat and out of the water.

I hope someone went back for the inflatable unicorn, it's shown floating along and drifting away near the end of the video. I'd hate to think it's still out there in shark infested waters floating along aimlessly without the means to defend itself. I'm sure they picked it up, maybe we'll get a follow up video to make sure this truly was a happy ending for all.

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