Last night Will Ferrell when on ‘Conan’ to discuss some breaking and shall we saw devastating worthless news. Ferrell was candid when he spoke about how shocked he was to learn that his fav. couple K-Stew and R-Pattz have broken up. Watch his reaction to the news!

If you don’t know by now and why should you, but just humor us for a bit, one of Hollywood’s beloved couples, Kristen Steward (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullin) broke up last week, I think! Take a moment to allow the shock to sink in!

Apparently K-Stew cheated on R-Pattz with the Snow White movie director. An actress sleeping with a director, what an original plot! But yeah, so she did and R-Pattz found out and totally moved out from their home.

So, now here is Will Ferrell’s reaction to the news!

OMG – he actually called her a ‘trampire’ – too good. And even though some of us are laughing off this story, just cause we have better things to do with our lives, some millions are so disappointed with K-Stew.

Watch a Twilight fan cry over the news!

Yeah, how could you do this Kristen?

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