With age comes wisdom, or at least that's the saying anyway. With wisdom comes sage advice and counsel. This old timer has the absolute best response and explanation as to what the world is going through right now. I for one thank God for him and his grandfatherly insight. These are some truly crazy times we're living in and we could all use a little help and direction. This guy I'm sure has seen it all in his time and has lived to tell the tale, and is older...wiser.

He reminds me of Gandalf the Grey from the Lord of the Rings. Sure the white beard and hair help, but it's more than that. I can imagine Gandalf saying these exact words in an attempt to ease and comfort a troubled soul. His gentle approach and soft spoken manner makes everyone feel better, despite the world and it's insanity. This guy is a wizard in his own right, his command on the English language and ability to express himself so beautifully leaves me in awe.

With everything that's going on in the world today we could all learn something from this gentleman. Recently I've struggled to find the words and to verbalize my thoughts on what we're going through as a country, hell as fellow humans on this planet. I love how he simply breaks it all down to it's simplest and purist elements "So the most important thing you have to remember is...You know okay, is so, so some people were you know doing some stuff and then the other people were...Hey don't do that stuff, then other people were like...Hey yeah they should do that stuff it's good that they're doing that stuff...And then the other people were like I really don't think they should do that stuff." Brilliant! I've never heard it put so eloquently, this guy gets it. I feel so much better now...

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