A Swedish woman has been charged with disturbing the piece(s) of the dead and having one of the creepiest quotes of all time! A 37 year-old woman has been charged in the Gothenburg Disctrict--how appropriate--with disturbing the piece of the dead after authorities found the remains of several skeletons. The woman denied the charges, of course she would, and said that she only has a historical interest in the remains. The woman still claims her interest in the bone(r)s is simply innocent even though investigators found videos titled, "My Necrophilia" and "My First Time." The woman further proclaims her innocence despite being shown pictures of herself licking one of the skulls her response is very simple, 'that's not me.'

Investigators continue to file through evidence including the woman's blog that contained a fairly creepy quote 'I want my man like he is, whether he is dead or alive. He allows me to find sexual happiness on the side', told you creepy!

Investigators have not found any evidence that the woman is a grave robber. If convicted, the woman faces up to two years in prison for getting it on with her stiffs.