The heat index very briefly capped at 120° on July 13th in Southwest Oklahoma. Amazingly, that bottle of pop I forgot about in my car didn't burst, but it sure did swell up.

It reminded me of where you try to remember the can of pop you put in the freezer long enough to get cold and not forget about it. If it were a game, I won yesterday. The whole experience left me thinking, there are a ton of things that people leave in their cars that they shouldn't.

With our incredible temperatures and humidity, it's amazing more accidents don't happen. With all of this rain, it doesn't have to be super hot to make it feel super hot, but the sun beating down on a windshield is enough to be a real danger for more than just living things. Even on cooler days, the hotbox oven effect can be a real killer.

Here's a super-quick rundown on the most common things left in hot vehicles that shouldn't be.

I'm guilty of my fair share of these too.

Do Not Leave These Things in Your Hot Car in Oklahoma

While you would expect most of this to be common sense and general knowledge, you'd be amazed how many people found out the hard way there are some things you should never leave in a hot vehicle. Since we're knee-deep into another hot Oklahoma summer, it's worth mentioning to those who don't know.

Faxon, Oklahoma's Windowless 'Vampire' Bandominium

Taking the 'barndominium' idea to the extreme, this is literally a barn that was turned into a home down in Faxon, Oklahoma.

Oddly enough, as countryfied and rustic as it looks on the inside, I looked through the pictures at least twice before realizing there were no windows throughout the place. Given the shape of the structure, I can't imagine how expensive it would be to retrofit windows if you could even find a contractor willing to attempt it.

If you were curious what $525,000 could buy you in the middle of nowhere, this is it. See the full details on the Zillow listing.

Million Dollar Castle For Sale In Edmond, Oklahoma

When people have the opportunity to build their dream home, they can sometimes bend the lines between tasteful and tacky to fit personal tastes. Some see it one way, others the complete opposite. When it came to building this Edmond home, the owners went all-in on their attempt to build a modern-day Oklahoma castle.

You have to see the game room and outdoor entertaining space. Definite standouts.

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