Oklahoma is going to experience a few different seasons over the next two weeks.

First up is a very Spring-like week across most of the state. Temperatures are expected to be 15°-30° above normal, and there is heavy rain in the first forecast.

That is super-welcome given how dry it has been. It's also really surprising since December is normally one of the driest months of the year.

NWS Norman
NWS Norman

Looking past the coming holiday weekend, there is a chance for a "monster snowstorm" as some meteorologists are calling it as temperatures plummet back to normal with this wet system.

Who is at risk of snow and ice?

The Northern Oklahoma counties that span the Kansas border are the most likely to get a surprise from Mother Nature.

While it's still a way out on the calendar, conditions range from light snow to freezing rain and ice. A signature Oklahoma winter experience.



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Can the National Weather Service confirm this wild forecast?

Unfortunately, the National Weather Service doesn't offer a forecast out that far. Quite frankly, we're all pretty amazed they're already talking about next Saturday and Sunday. The norm is a three-day forecast.

All the same, at least one Oklahoma meteorologist is somewhat hinting at the same sort of storm.

While Damon Lane may be the Chicken-Little of OKC with his extremely bold weather predictions that rarely come true, he's at least providing a path for this to come.

Snow is welcome, ice is not.

While Oklahoma is a hot-weather state, we almost always welcome the snow... as long as it's gone in a day or two. Farmers count on snow too. As the snow slowly melts, crops will soak up 100% of it.

It's the ice that everyone fears. Not only does it make traveling treacherous, but it could mean a cold and dark holiday for everyone since our powerlines usually suffer the worst under the weight of it.


Snow and ice, yes or no?

As with anything that involves predicting the future, it's too far out to be accurate. Not only do the computer models change hourly between now and then, weather is quite literally unpredictable.

As far as your family holiday goes, hope for the best and plan accordingly as better information comes along. Keep an eye on it, you'll be fine.

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