vacation ideas is to take a trip to the Northeast. Walk around in four-hundred year old American cities and eat at restaurants that are that old in turn. I'm a little bit of a history buff, so it sounds fun. Big Northeast populations, slow highways, and getting yelled at by some dude with a NYC/Boston accent doesn't sound so appealing, but the rest of it does. It had me thinking, where is the oldest restaurant in Oklahoma?

If you hop on Google and ask that very question, it'll tell you that Cattlemen's Steakhouse in OKC is the oldest restaurant in Oklahoma. Nobody can deny that, it is... but it's not the oldest family owned restaurant in Oklahoma. That little "family owned" distinction will land you on a webpage that declared Van's Pig Stand in Shawnee is the oldest family owned restaurant in this state. I assume this means it's been owned by the same family since they opened in 1930.

For 90+ years, they've been serving up a humble staple of the hard working type in their legendary pork sandwich, which has rich and deep roots in this region itself. While brisket will always be king, pork was always pretty cheap. Really cheap. Like ten cents and it came with a bottle of coke cheap. Naturally, being tasty and cheap, it became the legend that it is today.

If you didn't already know, Shawnee is just a quick trip up and through OKC. Hop on I-240 and follow it until you see the signs. Or Google directions yourself, we both know you will, and enjoy eating the same pig sandwich they originally served way back in 1930.

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