Let's go on safari, it'll be fun they said...Whatever this rhino is pissed off about the car and zookeeper got the worst of it! I guess it hates small hatchbacks, maybe the fact that it's painted to look like a zebra or thought here's my chance at 15 minutes of internet fame. Either way it made small work of this car and flipped it multiple times! 

If you ever doubted the strength of a rhino this video will put a quick end to that thought. My only real complaint about this video is the lack of sound. It's incredible to watch, but it would be even better with sound. You know that whoever it was stuck in the vehicle didn't politely ask for it to stop. I'm sure the vulgarity was at an unheard of rate and volume for the duration of the attack. Not to mention all the crushing metal and shattering glass.

It just goes to show once again that real wildlife is nothing like Disney films!

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