Living in and around Lawton, Oklahoma has its ups and downs. There are beautiful mountains to explore but also high crime rates. Lawton also seems to exist in a weather coverage desert of some sort, or at least it has become that in the last few years.

While corporate consolidation to pinch pennies always seems like a solid financial move, there's always blowback when you cut staffing. As a result, it's increasingly hard to get accurate or up-to-date weather coverage from the overworked/underpaid meteorological teams in the area.

Case and point, just a few weeks ago, SWOK had a rolling couple of severe storms sweep through the area with torrential downpours, high winds, and increasingly large hail.

What was the response from the local weather outlets that normally offer wall-to-wall coverage of such events? Complete silence. No updates even during commercial breaks.

While they may have taken a stance that the storms weren't too bad, the fallout became parts of SWOK that were without power for as long as 48 hours after the fact.

Luckily, while all hail was breaking loose, meteorologists and weather professionals descended from TikTok to keep those on the app informed of what exactly was happening in real-time across our area.

As SWOK once again is looking at an increasingly worrisome forecast of severe weather this evening, I thought I'd toss together a quick little short list of reliable weather outlets on the social media app.

While I can't tell you if they'll be covering our storms as they roll across the plains, they've all been pretty dependable thus far. May the odds be ever in your favor.

@localman_weather THE GREAT PLAINS (ESPECIALLY CENTRAL KANSAS) WILL MOST LIKELY GET POUNDED TODAY/TONIGHT with MASSIVE HAIL and POSSIBLY A FEW TORNADOES. I’ll be going live today to keep you folks UPDATED #kansasweather #kansasthunderstorms #tornadowarning #tornadoes ♬ Hell Awaits - Slayer

@wxwithpeyton Oklahoma! Texas! Share so you and others are aware of the severe weather threat TODAY #greenscreen #weather #weatheraware #prepare #severeweather #oklahoma #texas #centralplains #dfw #okc #dallas #fortworth #oklahomacity ♬ original sound - peyton⚡️

@ryan_hall_y_all♬ original sound - Ryan Hall Y'all

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