So you're ready to get out and do something, but have no idea of where you want to go and budget is a major factor... Why not take a movie tour of Oklahoma? I'm pretty sure I've covered the many shooting locations across our great state, one of which is actively in the process of shooting right now in Pawnee, but the best bang for your buck will always be Twister.

This guy with a small but growing YouTube channel painstakingly drove across Northern Oklahoma all the way down to Maysville South of OKC to find and explore every known filming location from Oklahoma's favorite theatrical release. Down to the exact spot in the road.

Fun fact, the bridge over Kaw Lake where the sister-twisters and flying cow scene happens, it was always a concrete and asphalt bridge... but to make a point and build the drama, Warner Brothers actually trucked in a bunch of Oklahoma clay dirt to put over the top of it, making it look like a low-water earth bridge in the film. It's not unlike Hollywood to do this, currently, they're covering all the roads in Pawnee with dirt so it'll look like 190-whatever at each location.

It is a little comical that the awesome little diner is now a barndaminium bar, but that's what time does to every location. It's been 25 years since the release, 26 years since they filmed it, things are bound to change a little. Take Aunt May's house, it was a legit dilapidated old crumbling house to begin with, so to get it to settle on command and in multiple takes, they shored it up on huge hydraulics to make it fall down the way it did. Movie magic all around.

So if you do get bored sometime, hop in the car and go exploring. There's so many unique and individual things in this state you can only see while you're here.

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