Here’s the ultimate example of poor sportsmanship.

According to 24/7 Sports, Edinburg High School’s Emmanuel Duron was penalized and ultimately ejected from a game Thursday night between Edinburg and Pharr-San Juan-Alamo High School.

Just a few seconds after being ejected, Duron rushes onto the field and blindsides the referee, knocking him to the turf with a block in the back. The referee stayed down on the field for a while and is reportedly being evaluated for a concussion.

Duron was escorted out of the stadium by officers with the Edinburg Police Department.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident for Duron. He was previously suspended for the remainder of the 2019-2020 soccer season due to a similar incident during a match against Edinburg Vela.

If I were betting money, I would bet that he’s played his last game for Edinburg. It’s one thing to lose your temper once and do you something you regret. However, there’s clearly a pattern of ill-tempered behavior with him. Hopefully, he’ll learn to contain his rage in the future and be able to continue his athletic career at some point.

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