WARNING: The following contains vulgar and visceral vernacular, proceed with caution. Behold the less than mighty craft beer hipster in all his insignificant glory. There are only a few types of people or personalities in this world who truly annoy me, these guys are near the very top of the list. To say I dislike them is putting it mildly, I have a deep psychotic hatred for the CBH (Craft Beer Hipster). They're almost as bad as the pretentious, self absorbed, egocentric, pseudo intellectuals you hear about that frequent Starbucks or really anywhere else that over priced coffee is sold. Seriously, if you're that smart why are you paying $10.00 for a cup of coffee? If I pay more than $1.25 I feel like I'm getting screwed!

Can you even imagine being around them at the same time? Having to listen to not only a craft beer hipster go on and on, but a SBN (Starbucks Narcissist) as well. That would be an unbearable and horrific social situation. I truly fear the day that could actually happen and would honestly rather masturbate with steel wool and rock salt than deal with that. The smugness would be toxic, unforgiving and possibly fatal. I'd bet if a person were to encounter them at the same time it would forever change them, and not for the better.

When you hit play on the video above thanks to the hilariously demented minds of the You Betcha YouTube channel you'll get a small taste of the craft beer hipster. If you've never encountered one in the wild consider yourself lucky. Many have had the misfortune of sitting next to one of these two at some point in their life. Do these people not realize just how painfully annoying they are? I guess not because they NEVER shut up.

Now if for some reason you found this well deserved rant in bad taste or heaven help us are offended by the video you're probably a CBH yourself, or maybe an SBN. Please know this: We DO NOT CARE about your endless options on beer or coffee just drink it and keep it to yourself.

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