There's no denying it, the last few days have felt pretty amazing across Oklahoma.

Mostly clear skies, warm sun, mid-60s and low-70s across the state... it feels like the spring we always hope for but never seem to get.

Is Oklahoma experiencing a very early end to winter this year? Or are we just experiencing a false spring?

Even the meteorologists are stumped.


If you were to look at the extended forecast on, well, just about every source out there, it looks like February is going to be in the 60s throughout the month... but even weather experts claim this is probably false.

The problem is that automated weather algorithms don't take into account real-time weather patterns. This makes your favorite app even more wrong about the weather than your local weather person.

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Polar Vortex Part II

Call it a hunch. Call it an attempt to drive ratings. Meteorologists are currently talking about the chance another big temperature dip could be in store for Oklahoma... as if that'd be weird for an Oklahoma February.  

@maxvelocitywx CRAZY Weather Is Possible In February - Winter Storms, Severe Weather, And Perhaps An Arctic Blast Are Possible, But The Big Question Is, When Will This Stagnent Weather Pattern Taper Down in the USA? - #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #weather #wx #snow #snowstorms #winterstorms #winterstorm #storms #storm #getready ♬ original sound - Max Velocity

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Two polar opposite people talking about the same possibility across our region of the US.

Truth be told, nobody knows what the weather is going to do in Oklahoma. If you pay attention to the weather, you already know this.

We'll see how the weather turns out, but if I were a betting man, I would expect a little cold.

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