A man tried to enter a Walmart without a face mask and started fighting with employees who were trying to enforce the company's rules. It happened in Florida. I know right, that's all I have to say and you already know things are gonna get weird. I'm not sure which place has the most screwed up people caught on video, Russia or Florida. But anytime you see either of those two places mentioned in the comments on a video it's guaranteed to be crazy. Agree or disagree stores, restaurants and other places of business can impose a mandatory face mask rule that requires all persons to wear a face covering including employees while inside the store or business at all times.

While there may be an argument when to comes to local, state or even national mandates to wear face masks. Not so with private businesses they are after all, private. They can require that patrons wear face coverings while inside the store or on their property. However it's totally up to you, if you don't want to wear a mask you don't have to. Just find someplace else to shop or visit. The guy in this video is lucky things didn't get worse. He tries to barrel his way through the entry, pushing and shoving an employee who was just trying to enforce the rules and do his job.

Going forward it wouldn't surprise me if more and more businesses started requiring masks, especially as the new cases and continued spread of COVID-19 increases. Again it's their business and they can do so if they see fit. So if you're against that, or prefer not to wear a mask for whatever reason you'll need to keep that in mind. I haven't made a habit of wearing a mask, but I have been to a few places that require them so I put it on and deal with it. There's no need for argument, after I leave I can remove the mask and go about my day. There's no need to act like an idiot!

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